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A little comic relief

I was going to write a whole thing about how I met Paige (our senior year of high school, on a recruiting trip to WashU), how we became friends (we decided within 48 hours of meeting each other that we were going to be roommates, despite the fact that neither of us had applied or gotten in yet), and everything she means to me (she is bae, bae is she), but the point is that she is brilliant, hilarious, and beautiful and she’s doing a really amazing project that I want to show all of you.


I don’t need to tell you all why we need to see more women in comedy. So here’s the deal: I will match all donations up to $105 that are made in the next week. If you would buy both of us coffee (if you would willingly buy me coffee, you would definitely want to buy this girl coffee, duh), throw a little her way. Send me a receipt of your donation and I will match it. You can read more about Comedic Timing here.

Love you all, but especially Paige,


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