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A fortnightly letter to the people going at 100 miles an hour. We all have the things that keep us grounded: to-do lists, morning routines, communities, and rituals to keep us sane. But when things get tough, they often fall to the wayside. Here's a reminder to refuel.

How We Change

I called my mother and my college roommate excessively. I had a therapy appointment the next day (yes, I planned it that way). An old friend from Boston drove down that weekend. I cried a lot.

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Kick Into Overdrive

Life is busy. People are counting on me. There are things that need to get done. My instinct is to spin my wheels, but I know that will only make things worse.

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Happy Summer!

Over the years, I've discovered there are things we come back to, rhythms we return to. With Returnings, it is my hope to explore these with you and to create a conversation about how we use going back to propel us forward. 

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